"So you want to know how it all happened? It started on Main Street in Mendocino, Ca 30 years ago when we first met. I was cooking chicken soup in my van across from Alphonso's when a woman, I thought maybe a vision at first, passed the window of my Dodge van.
That was it. My sworn single days were over right before my eyes. The rest is history. I was the Abalone Kid then. We became "The Abalone Kids" making abalone jewelry that 5 years later was discovered by The Smithsonian Institution of Wash, D.C and exhibited at The National Museum of American Art."

First off we want to tell you that if you like our creativity we confess to being humbled by our success. To be frank, we didn't have a clue to begin with as to how to make jewelry. We were professional people. In fact we both had many good years under our belt in the world of big business. Imagine, only God could have done this for us...we learned from scratch.

hoto Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Abalone Kid

He was once a lawyer who fought for women’s and children’s rights.  He helped change law.  In his spare time, he wrote and performed songs and poetry about family.  After retiring from the law, he ministered to the homeless on the streets of L.A. and elsewhere.

In 1984 he began his search for pieces of the rare abalone on the Mendocino, California sea shore.  After six years he met his beloved, Jacqueline, and they have been one, in Christ, and worked together ever since on this award-winning signature jewelry. 

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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


Jacqueline has a college degree in business administration, has been an apple grower, teacher and real estate broker. She says her extensive travels to exotic parts of the world have played a role in bead choices and added an ethnic dimension to their abalone jewelry designs.

"I set aside time from making jewelry, cooking and business related activities to sending out the gospel of Jesus Christ which is building my bank account in eternity."